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Terms of use for the materials published in the archive

1. Used terminology

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4.2. In case the Client has broken any of the following agreement sections - 3.2, 3.3, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 un 5.2, enterprise has the right to demand any of the resulting loses, including - unobtained profits, remove the Client’s virtual balance and delete his or hers personal profile as well as give the case to the corresponding court.

4.3. Enterprise informs the Client about any significant changes or news that are related to the website’s actions:,,

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6. Website service provision and terms of payment.

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6.3. If the Client has made the service payment using a payment card and an error is found on the enterprise’s end that caused the Client to pay more than was given on the website, the Client can send in a written complaint up to 5 (five) working days after the purchase. In such case the enterprise repays part of the payment that was not agreed upon to begin with. If any other party is at fault (e.g. a bank or an international payment system company), enterprise will try to do all that within its capabilities to help the Client receive the part of the payment that was lost due to an error. If as a result the enterprise receives the lost money, it sends it back to the client.

7. Other rules

7.1. Solutions and materials can have insignificant errors that do not affect the contents of a work in any major way.

7.2. Any other corrections or additions to the work need to be discussed separately by contacting us through phone number, e-mail address that is provided in the contacts or by sending a service order using the website or

7.3. All disagreements and conflicts that are related to this agreement both sides solve verbally. If a solution is not found, the conflict is further evaluated in the court of the Republic of Latvia according to the normative acts.

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